Gary Numan BBC Rock Hour Pre FM from vinyl Broadcast date September 7th, 1980


Gary Numan BBC Rock Hour Pre FM from vinyl
Broadcast date September 7th, 1980

This is a professional recording of Gary Numan’s last night of the North American Touring Principle Tour. This recording was done by Reel Time Productions for the BBC Rock Hour.

Venue: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (Center)
Date: March 3rd 1980 (Broadcasted Week of September 7th 1980)
Produced By: Reel Time Productions for The BBC Rock Hour

Track List:
01 Intro
02 Airplane
03 Me I Disconnect From You
04 Praying To The Aliens
05 Intermission
06 M.E.
07 Films
08 We Are So Fragile
09 Are Friends Electric?
10 Intermission
11 Conversation
12 Metal
13 Intermission
14 Cars
15 I Die, You Die
16 Down In The Park
17 Credits

Vinyl>VPI HW 16.5 Record Vacuum>VPI MK III/Audioquest PT-6 Arm/AT OC-9
Cartridge>Sony CDRW 33 Pro Cd Recorder>CDRW>WAV>CD WAV> Master

I took the liberty of re-editing the original files to create Track 01, 05, 11, 13 and 17, which were integrated in the tracks.

The original uploader on was Vebveb.



Download link

The files are (lossless) FLAC files , which can be played in almost any media player (Windows) or, converted to  (lossless)  ALAC files,  in iTunes (Mac)



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