Manassas, Amsterdam, Concertgebouw, 22 Maart, 1972.


Amsterdam, het Concertgebouw, Woensdag 22 Maart, 1972.

Deze avond, een zeer speciaal concert, gegeven door de nieuwe band van levende legende

Stephen Stills – zang, gitaar en piano

Bijgestaan door :

Chris Hillman – zang, gitaar, viool, mandoline en banjo
Al Perkins – steel gitaar, zang en gitaar
Calvin “Fuzzy” Samuels – basgitaar
Paul Harris – piano, orgel, clavinette
Dallas Taylor – drums
Joe Lala – percussie en zang

Dit concert is zo speciaal omdat het het allereerste optreden is van de wereldtour ter promotie van het zojuist uitgekomen dubbelalbum “Manassas”, een nieuw project van CSNY-lid Stephen Stills.

Opgenomen en uitgezonden door de VPRO radio en televisie. (met als extra’s een audience opname van enkele nummers)
Gevreesd moet worden dat de televisieopnames verloren zijn gegaan.

In 2002 kwam deze 3cd set aan het licht (het meest complete project),een co-productie Reel Records, Forever Young Recordings, RV Productions en Otto Productions.

De volgorde van de originele setlist wordt hier gebruikt. De best mogelijke kwaliteit is gebruikt, wat inhoudt dat af en toe de kwaliteit per nummer kan verschillen, omdat er gebruik wordt gemaakt van FM en TV opnames.

Op de derde cd staan de (volledige) microfoonopnames van de nummers van de FM opnames die gemonteerd werden voor de uitzendingen op radio en televisie.

Er werden die avond een aantal bijzondere uitvoeringen van nummers gespeeld.
Zover bekend werd “Move Around” hierna niet meer live gespeeld, “Sugar Babe” (afkomstig van de 2e solo LP van Stills) af en toe, Buffalo Springfields “For What It’s Worth” in een lange akoestische piano versie en “Know You Got To Run” in een lange, nooit eerder uitgevoerde, versie.

De foto’s zijn gemaakt tijdens het concert in het Concertgebouw en de krantenartikelen zijn uit die periode.

Dit is wat Robert Gills in 1972 in The New Musical Express schreef :

April 1. 1972 New Musical Express – Stills Dutch Treat

Stephen Stills chose Amsterdam for the debut gig of Manassas, his new group. The moment I arrived in Amsterdam I knew why. It is a beautiful city where the people just let thinhs happen, naturally, no hassles, a friendly place. And so it was at the Concertgebouw, an impressive box-like edifice of a hall, in the old style, dedicated to the high classics.
There had been some doubt about the concert happening at all, because Ajax were playing Arsenal that night and it was anybody’ s guess whether the Dutch could split their attentions. No one need have worried. Television sets everywhere around blared forth the frantic happenings as the hall quietly filled to overflowing. Excitement was in the air. Anticipation,curiosity, apprehension. What would these seven guys be like ? The filming lights glared all over the packed heads to the stage. Video cameras strategically at the ready and film crew cool and discreet, naturally.
Eventually the house lights dimmed and on rambled the band.
Stephen Stills, Chris Hillman (who shares vocals with Steve), Dallas Taylor (drums), Paul Harris (keyboards), Joe Lala (percussion), Al Perkins (steel guitar) and Calvin “Fuzzy” Samuels (bass).
The initial frantic rush of photographers produced ludicrous scenes, the like of which I have not experienced since Dylan at The Isle Of Wight.
The TV crew were completely swamped. The stewards had to clear a space, the only work they had to do all night. From the start it was obvious this was a special band. Presenting in separate songs the influence of jazz, latin, rock, folk, country and bluegrass. Free musical style to end all musical styles. It began in the country rock vein, including Rye Rye’s “Hot Burrito”, “It Doesn’t Matter”, featuring the fine steel guitar of Carl Perkins.”Go Back Home” featured some fine guitar from Stills. He then announced an interval and explained that the show was divided into three parts, basically rock, mainly acoustic, and back to rock.
“We’ll be her for the next four hours, so don’ t go away” he said to a roar of approval. smoothly and efficiently the stage was reset and a grand piano ascended majestically through the stage on it’s own lift.
Ten minutes and Stills was back with 6 and 12 string guitar and banjo. We were treated to some fine, delicate playing, some nice piano from Paul and harmony from Chris Hillman, who also should get a mention for excellence in musicianship.
All these superlatives may begin to get a little boring, but I can’t apologize. Aside from a few shaky numbers on some of Stills older material, the quality of Manassas was there, for all to see.
The third part was certainly the high spot and the audience was certainly pretty high, singing and clapping along to the new stuff from the forthcoming album. Here they let their collective hair down and really got it on. No messing.
Improvisation from Hillman and Perkins, heavy drumming from Dallas with Joe Lala keeping things jumping around.
“Rock And Roll Crazies” featured well here, with a solo from Steve Stills, that was followed by a spontaneous jam, which produced some amazing sounds.It just went on getting better and better. I lost track of the numbers.
After the obligatory encore the audience wasn’t just not ready to leave. Another number, the audience just slow hand clapped for more. Ten solid minutes later and Manassas just had to come back for yet another number for the enraptured crowd.
Just as they came on for this last time the greeting turned to dismay, as the film lights fused. No bother, the roadies calmly and smoothly put up the regular stage lighting.
Nothing was going to go wrong with this show.
Then, as a little extra goodbye, four of the band gathered round a microphone and sang in close harmony a few bars of gentle, magic music.
It was mainly new stuff anyway, co-written by Chris and Steve.It didn’ t matter, the music and the vibes were enough and they were beautiful.

De setlist :

CD 1 ( FM/TV )

01. Rock And Roll Woman
02. Bound To Fall
03. Hot Burrito #2
04. It Doensn’t Matter
05. Go Back Home
06. Change Partners
07. Know You Got To Run
08. 4 & 20
09. Intro to
10. Bluesman
11. Word Game
12. Do For The Others
13. Move Around
14. Both Of Us ( Bound To Loose)
15. Love The One You’re With
16. He Was A Friend Of Mine

CD 2 ( FM/TV )
01. Fallen Eagle
02. Hide It So Deep
03. Johnny’s Garden
04. Don’t Look At My Shadow
05. Sugar Babe
06. Four Days Gone
07. For What It’s Worth.
08. Song Of Love
09. Rock And Roll Crazies
10. Cuban Bluegrass
11. Jet Set [Sigh]
12. Anyway
13. The Treasure
14. Find The Cost Of Freedom

CD 3 (microfooon opnames)

01. He Was A Friend Of Mine
02. For What It´s Worth
03. Song Of Love
04. Rock And Roll Crazies
05. Cuban Bluegrass
06. Jet Set [Sigh]
07. Anyway

Download link 1,     2,     3.

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7 gedachtes over “Manassas, Amsterdam, Concertgebouw, 22 Maart, 1972.

  1. Fsantastisch concert van deze groep van Stephen Stills, ook nog eren vraagje: zijn er meer concerten uit de jaren zeventig / tachtig die beschikbaar zouden kunnen komen ? ik zoek bij voorbeeld Johnny Mars in de Meervaart, was ook uitstekende (blues) muziek

    1. Dankjewel voor het melden. Heb vandaag alle gebroken links weer gerepareerd. Blog is weer op orde. Over een half uur is de laatste Manassas ook te downloaden en doet alles het weer.

    1. Ja lang gekleden sinds dien een fervent fan van SS in mijn herinnering was ik toen maar 18 jaar oud ??het meest indrukwekkende concert wat ik gezien heb nog steeds zet ik zijn plaat vaak op !

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