Legendary Pink Dots – Parkzicht Rotterdam July 23 1983

In the eighties Dutch radio station VPRO had their weekly programme SPLEEN on Sunday afternoons and during summer they would broadcast on location.
Many times they broadcasted from the park at The Euromast in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and had a band play for about half an hour in their broadcast.

Here is one of them !

Legendary Pink Dots – Parkzicht Rotterdam July 23 1983

Setlist :

01 Flowers For The Silver Man
02 City Ghosts 1
03 City Ghosts 2
04 Love Puppets
05 Arscla
06 Neon Gladiators
07 Pruumptje Kurss

track 05,  06 and 07 may have been working titles.
If you know the correct titles, please let me know !

Since the lineups for TLPD change all the time all for sure I can tell is

Line up :

April White – keyboards
Edward Ka-Spel – vocals, keyboards
Castro ClingClang (drum machine) – percusive thrash
Barry Gray (aka Stret Majest Alarme) – Guitar
Roland Calloway (aka Rolls Anotherone) – Bass

Source : FM > Cassette > Audacity > CD Wave Editor > FLAC

Download link

Another one from the box of old tapes !



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