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A live broadcast on 21-7-1981 in Winterswijk, The Netherlands for the radio programme VARA’s LIJN 3 for VARA RADIO

Rupert Neville Hine (born 1948 in London) is an English musician and also a prolific producer in the synth pop era, helming albums by Kevin Ayers, Tina Turner, Howard Jones, Saga, The Fixx, Bob Geldof, Thompson Twins, Stevie Nicks, Chris de Burgh, Suzanne Vega, Rush, Duncan Sheik, and Eleanor McEvoy amongst many others. He has produced over 100 albums in total, many featuring songs written for and with the artists in question.
As half of the duo Rupert & David, he made his recording debut at the age of 16, with the 1965 single “The Sound of Silence”; it was not a success, and so he maintained a low profile until 1971,
In addition, Hine has recorded eleven albums as an artist himself. Hine was founder of the 1970’s band Quantum Jump, who had a UK top 10 hit with “The Lone Ranger” in 1979. As a solo artist, his best known song is “Misplaced Love”, released in 1981 with guest vocals by Marianne Faithfull, which was a minor hit around the world – though most successful in Australia, where it peaked at #22. Today his work as a solo artist is mainly recognized by music enthusiasts, fellow artists and electronic music insiders, with many fans considering his tryptichon Immunity, Waving Not Drowning and Wildest Wish to Fly to be his masterwork. The German electronic artist Bob Humid claims to be greatly influenced by Hine’s highly developed production skills, where audio-edits were to a large extent meaningful and creative. In the mid and late 1980’s, Hine also recorded under the name Thinkman, which he conceived as a virtual band.

Hold on to your seats !

His production credits :
Jon Pertwee – “Who Is the Doctor” (single) (1972)
Rupert Hine and Simon Jeffes – Score (TV music) (1973)
Yvonne Elliman – Food of Love (album) (1973)
Various Artists – Colditz Breakpoint (album) (1973)
Jonesy – Growing (album) (1974)
Kevin Ayers – The Confessions of Dr. Dream and Other Stories (album) (1974)
Quantum Jump – Quantum Jump (album) (1974)
John G. Perry – Sunset Wading (album) (1975)
Nova – Blink (album) (1976)
Rupert Hine – “Snakes Don’t Dance Fast” (single) (1976)
Dave Greenslade – Cactus Choir (album) (1976)
John G. Perry – Seabird (album) (1976)
Café Jacques – Round the Back (album) (1977)
Quantum Jump – Barracuda (album) (1977)
Anthony Phillips – Wise After the Event (album) (1977)
Anthony Phillips – Sides (album) (1978)
Rupert Hine and Simon Jeffes – The Kenny Everett Video Show (TV music) (1978)
Café Jacques – International (album) (1978)
After the Fire – Laser Love (album) (1978)
Rupert Hine – The Shout (soundtrack) (1979)
Murray Head – Between Us (album) (1979)
Quantum Jump – Mixing (album) (1979)
Camel – I Can See Your House from Here (album) (1979)
Wildlife – Burning (album) (1979)
The Members – 1980: The Choice is Yours (album) (1980)
Various Artists – First Offenders (album) (1980)
Rupert Hine – Immunity (album) (1981)
Saga – Worlds Apart (album) (1981)
Jona Lewie – Heart Skips Beat (album) (1981)
The Fixx – Shuttered Room (album) (1981)
Rupert Hine – Waving Not Drowning (album) (1982)
The Waterboys – “A Girl Called Johnny” (single) (1983)
The Fixx – Reach the Beach (album) (1983)
Saga – Heads or Tales (album) (1983)
The Little Heroes – Watch the World (album) (1983)
Chris De Burgh – The Getaway (album) (1982)
Rupert Hine – The Wildest Wish to Fly (album) (1983)
The Fixx – Phantoms (album) (1984)
Tina Turner – Private Dancer (tracks) (1984)
Howard Jones – Human’s Lib (album) (1984)
Howard Jones – The 12″ Album (album) (1984)
Chris De Burgh – Man on the Line (album) (1984)
Martin Ansell – An Englishman Abroad (album) (1985)
Howard Jones – Dream into Action (album) (1985)
Rupert Hine and Various Artists – Better Off Dead (soundtrack) (1985)
Thinkman – The Formula (album) (1986)
The Fixx – Walkabout (album) (1986)
Eight Seconds – Almacantar (album) (1986)
Howard Jones – Action Replay (album) (1986)
Tina Turner – Break Every Rule (tracks) (1986)
Thompson Twins – Close to the Bone (album) (1986)
Bob Geldof – Deep in the Heart of Nowhere (tracks) (1986)
Various Artists – Secret Policeman’s Third Ball (tracks) (1987)
Underworld – Underneath the Radar (album) (1987)
On Rebel Heels – One by One by One (album) (1987) see: [1]
Thinkman – Life Is a Full Time Occupation (album) (1988)
The Joan Collins Fan Club – “Leader of the Pack” (single) (1988)
Stevie Nicks – The Other Side of the Mirror (album) (1988)
Tina Turner – Foreign Affair (tracks) (1989)
Rush – Presto (album) (1989)
Thinkman – Hard Hat Zone (album) (1990)
Various Artists – One World One Voice (album) (1990)
The Fixx – Ink (tracks) (1990)
Bliss – A Change in the Weather (album) (1990)
Bob Geldof – The Vegetarians of Love (album) (1990)
Rush – Roll the Bones (album) (1991)
Remmy Ongala – Mambo (album) (1992)
Chris De Burgh – Power of Ten (album) (1992)
Howard Jones – In the Running (album) (1992)
Bob Geldof – The Happy Club (album) (1992)
Spin 1ne 2wo – Spin 1ne 2wo (album) (1993)
Rupert Hine – The Deep End (album) (1994)
Katey Sagal – Well… (album) (1994)
Various Artists – One Week or Two in the Real World (tracks) (1994)
Milla Jovovich – The Divine Comedy (tracks) (1994)
Les Négresses Vertes – Zig Zague (album) (1994)
Touch! – Marche avec moi (album) (1994)
This Picture – City of Sin (tracks) (1994)
Ezio – Black Boots on Latin Feet (album) (1995)
Eric Serra – GoldenEye (tracks) (1996)
Noa – Calling (album) (1996)
Duncan Sheik – Duncan Sheik (album) (1996)
Marian Gold – United (album) (1996)
Eric Serra – The Fifth Element (tracks) (1997)
Celtus – Moonchild (album) (1997)
Thanks to Gravity – Start (album) (1997)
Various Artists – Welcome to Woop-Woop (tracks) (1998)
Eric Serra – RXRA (album) (1998)
Duncan Sheik – Humming (album) (1998)
Eleanor McEvoy – Snapshots (album) (1999)
Stroke 9 – Nasty Little Thoughts (album) (1999)
Rat Bat Blue – Greatest Hits – Vol. 2 (The Hungry Years) (album) (1999)
Geoffrey Oryema – Spirit (album) (2000)
Suzanne Vega – Songs in Red and Gray (album) (2001)
Teitur – Poetry & Aeroplanes (album) (2003)
Martin Grech – Unholy (album) (2005)
Amanda Ghost – “Time Machine” (single) (2006)
Stuart Davis – ¿What (album) (2006)

Line up (probably) :

Rupert Hine vocals, keyboards
Peter Beech – backing vocals
Trevor Morais – drums, percussion
Geoffrey Richardson – viola
Phil Palmer – guitar
Chris Parker – treatments
Setlist :

01 House Arrest
02 Surface Tension
03 `Routine Behaviour
04 Another Stranger
05 Misplaced Love
06 I Hang On To My Vertigo
07 The Sniper
08 Dark Windows
09 Samsara
10 I Think A Man Will Hang Soon
11 Immunity
12 Make A Wish (fade out)


Lineage : FM > Cassette > Audacity > CD Wave Editor > WAV > FLAC 8

Another one from the box of old tapes !




4 gedachtes over “RUPERT HINE AND THE MENACE

  1. That same year I went to the Rupert Hines concert in Paard van Troye in The Hague.
    Beautiful, mesmerizing.
    Exact date unknown to me

  2. Gaaf concert is dat toch. Er zit een tapeflip-dip in twee nummers, ik heb de volledige versie als je daar belangstelling voor hebt. Wel geluidstechnisch iets mindere kwaliteit

    1. Ah ! Daar zou je mij heel blij mee maken !!!
      Zou je het . bijvoorbeeld, via wetransfer naar mij willen sturen ? Dat zou dan kunnen naar

      Misschien kan ik het geluid nog wel verbeteren. Dan krijg jij daar weer een kopie van.

      Ja het was een heel goed concert, toen ik het, toentertijd, live op de radio hoorde was ik diep onder de indruk.

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