Carter USM VPRO Studios, Hilversum, The Netherlands, February 1990


Carter USM VPRO Studios, Hilversum, The Netherlands february 1990

Source : FM > Cassette > Audacity > WAV > FLAC 8

Recorded and broadcasted by VPRO Radio.


As the official site tells us …

Carter began in 1988, when the much acclaimed if commercially unsuccessful jangle pop band Jamie Wednesday disintegrated. The bands song-writing team, singer/guitarist Jimbob and guitarist Fruitbat found themselves with a charity show at the London Astoria to play and no one left to play with. So they recorded some backing tapes, played the show as a duo, and realised that this arrangement worked rather well.

Jimbob and Fruitbat decided that their new act should be one hell of a lot noisier and more confrontational than Jamie Wednesday had been, and a new name was needed to go with the new attitude. They chose Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine because….well, let’s just say that Fruitbat (real surname Carter) was leading an exciting and energetic social life at the time.

Here they are !!

setlist :

1 Every Time A Churchbell Chime Rings
2 24 Minutes From Tulsa
3 Rubbish
4 Sherriff Fatman
5 Midnight From The Murder Mile.





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