TC MATIC – Centrum 111 (De Sneeuwbal), Heemstede, The Netherlands December 11. 1982 FM


Centrum 111 (De Sneeuwbal), Heemstede, The Netherlands December 11. 1982 FM

Recorded and broadcasted by KRO radio

For all you people who don’t know TC Matic, they were VERY famous in the Netherlands in the period when The Comsat Angels and The Sound stormed the dutch stages.
TC Matic must have played at almost every venue or indoor- and outdoor festival.
Led by singer Arno Hintjens, a great stuttering performer who stopped stuttering the moment he started singing either in English, Grench or Flemmish.
Guitar player Jean-Marie Aerts had his guitar plugged in to what I thought was to be some sort of spacelab.
Effects all over !
Serge Feys on keyboards, Ferre Baelen on bass and Rudy Cloet on drums.
They were a sort of exponent of what was, then, called “Eurorock”
They toured all over Europe and even in the States.

They even had a modest dance hit in the new wave discos with the 12 inch “Oh La La La” .I must have seen them a hundred times !
They were the best !

Check out for more info.

Setlist :

01 Les Zazous
02 Middle Class And Blue Eyes
03 Le Java
04 Rip Off Popoff
05 The Parrot Brigade
06 La Bas
07 Just Another Joke
08 Willie (fade out)

Lineage : FM > cassette > Audacity > CD Wave Editor > FLAC8

Another one from the box of old tapes !

Click HERE to download

Enjoy !



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