Sweet d’Buster playing live in Ommen, The Netherlands 1979


Sweet d’Buster playing live in Ommen, The Netherlands for VARA Radio, live broadcast for the program VARA’s Popkaravaan July 31. 1979

Sweet d’Buster were a Dutch band which performed from 1975 to 1981.
They were formed in 1975 by saxophone player Bertus Borgers, who had played with The Golden Earring on their USA tour that year.
After returning to The Netherlands he got offered a recording contract because of a demo tape he had made with members of The Golden Earring.
He recruited Herman Deinum on bass and Hans Lafaille on drums, both core members of legendary dutch blues band Cuby + The Blizzards. He also recruited Robert Jan Stips (Supersister and Golden Earring) on keyboards and Paul Smeenk on guitar.

In 1976 they released their debut album “Sweet d’Buster”.
In 1978 their second album “Friction “saw the daylight which even sold better than their first album, even though they had already gained a a great live reputation.
Borgers also was heavily involved with Dutch rock star Herman Brood, both live and in the studio.
He even supplied Brood a hit with his song “Still Believe”, originally on Sweet d’Buster’s 2nd album “Friction”.

After the third live album “Gigs”, Stips and Lafaille leave the band.
After a few member switches, drummer Pierre van der Linden (Brainbox, Focus, Flavium) and keyboards player Jons Pistoor join the band.

This torrent consists of a MONO version and a STEREO version.

The mono version was recorded by me, on a tiny philips monaural cassette recorder on a german C-60 cassette of unknown brand from my parents’FM radio, while watching the concert on television.
I put it through Audacity and after that used CD Wave Editor to split the wav file into tracks.
After that transferred it to FLAC 8

The STEREO version I plucked somewhere from the internet ( I can’t recall where)
It had an info file which stated :

Sweet d’Buster – VARA’s Popkaravaan 31-07-1979

Recording from the FM radio broadcast.
Cassetterecorder – WAV (Enhanced with MusicCleaning Lab) – FLAC

Sound quality is very good.

Sweet d’Buster is a underrated Dutch supergroup (with members who als played with Herman Brood, Focus, Earth & Fire and Cuby & the Blizzards) which played a funky style of rock music.

Line up
Bertus Borgers – sax
Herman Deinum – bass
Pierre van der Linden – Drums
Jons Pistoor – Keyboard
Paul Smeenk – Guitar

01 Bread 06:02
02 Mean woman 05:56
03 Manja 06:39
04 Is it true 05:17
05 The frog 07:22
06 When it’s over 06:05
07 Still believe 04:44
08 Under city lights 03:47


As you can hear, the Mono and Stereo versions are a bit different.

The Mono version has another song after the last stereo version  song,Under the city lights, called I can’t decide.
This is the last song of the gig.

VARA’s Popkaravaan was a historic DUTCH TV show with simulaneous FM transmission

Transmission dates

19790703 The New Adventures
19790710 Kayak
19790717 Partner
19790724 The Scene
19790731 Sweet d’Buster
19790807 Sam America’s Gasphetti
19790814 Massada
19790821 White Honey

19800705 Dave Edmunds and Rockpile
19800712 The Tapes andStampei
19800719 Gruppo Sportivo and The Cure
19800726 Jango Edwards and The Friends Roadshow
19800802 Steel Pulse
19800809 XTC and Turf
19800816 Herman Brood and Transister (Robert Jan Stips) (The Ramones actually were the main act but Joey Ramone had fallen ill)
19800823 Jango Edwards and The Friends Roadshow

I do have recordings of New Adventures, Kayak, Partner, The Tapes, XTC, The Scene,  Transister, Sammie America’ s MAM, Steel Pulse,  Jango Edwards and The Friends Roadshow, The Cure, so if anyone is interested , let me know !

MONO Setlist :

01 Is It True
02 The Frog
03 Band Introduction
04 When It’s Over
05 Still Believe
06 Under City Lights
07 I Can’t Decide
Line up :

Bertus Borgers vocals, saxophone
Paul Smeenk – guitar
Pierre Van Der Linden – drums
Herman Deinum – bass
Jons Pistoor – keyboards

Lineage : FM > Cassette > Audacity > WAV > CD Wave Editor > FLAC 8

Another one from the box of old tapes !




Download het concert HIER


8 gedachtes over “Sweet d’Buster playing live in Ommen, The Netherlands 1979

  1. Hoi Fred, Ik volg je blog met veel plezier! Heb je ook tapes van Electric Party toevallig? Groet, Marco a.k.a. Diggin’ Demos [https://www.diggindemos.nl]


  2. Ja graag de concerten vanuit Apeldoorn! XTC en The Cure sowieso was daar bij geweldige periode. En wat fijn dat ze beschikbaar zijn om terug te luisteren. En Rockpile zou ook mooi zijn! Thx!

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