Well Up….And Bubble is out !!!!


Finally the moment is there !!

Well Up…..And Bubble is out !

The assumed lost LP (1985) is back as a cd !!

Restored and remastered by me and, from today, in pre-sale, with discount, on the phenomenal label DISCOFOON !!!!

In store from beginning November and pre-sale, with discount, HERE  !

The album contained a collection of songs by bands who had, in those days, pretty strong ties such as Eton Crop, Blue Murder, Claw Boys Claw, The Mekons, The Nightingales and The Three Johns.

None of the versions of these songs have been published ever before which makes this album unique.

So, finally, on cd !

Thanks to and in honour of the 40st anniversary of Eton Crop.

The restoration and remastering was done by Fred Tabois (a.k.a. Fredheadset) who made fresh, sparkling versions from the mouldy tapes from the dungeons of Eton Crop.

For the tracklist see the picture below.


Click HERE to buy !

8 gedachtes over “Well Up….And Bubble is out !!!!

  1. Fuck, ik lees net dat Fred op 31 oktober 2019, een week voor de release van deze CD plotseling is overleden! Dus goeie vraag Jan…

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