Fred’s digital archives

Yesterday I didn’t just get acces to this blog, but also to Fred’s digital archives. Much he didn’t post on his blog yet, but I don’t know what deals he made with befriended bands and musicians. I’ll try to sort that out and if something can be posted, you’ll find it here.

I do post in English, just like Fred did, but is anyone reading this whom doesn’t understand Dutch? Please react then, because otherwise I’ll only post in Dutch in the near future.

5 gedachtes over “Fred’s digital archives

  1. Hi Jan, It is sad to hear of Fred passing away. Thank you for continuing his blog. I didn’t know Fred, but I was blown away with the recordings he posted of my band, World Domination Enterprises, from the Paradiso Tegen Tonen festival in May, 1987. I wonder if he made the recordings himself? I would like to use the recordings, or some of them, for release as a live album, and i wondered if you would be able to help with that, please?
    Could you email me to make contact & discuss it, please?
    Many many thanks again!

    1. Hi Keith,

      Obviously I can’t ask Fred about this.

      As far as I can see, I do think he taped this.

      He made a lot of these recordings, working for Radio, bands and PA-companies.

      He also explains the equipment used and mentions his stack of old tapes.

      It makes it clear to me, he must have .. the rascal.

      If you use that material, wil you please credit FredTabois and / or his company Fredheadset Centipede Sound Productions on the cover somewhere?

      It wil mean a lot to his daughters and his sister (copies wil make them even more happy 😉)


      Jan Ensing (Alquiny)

      FredHeadSet Mind Warp’s

    2. And of course we can discuss a release of this material.

      But I know from his sister (she is in charge of his heritage) she’s wants him to be credited and might there be serious profits, she wants a part in them for Fred’s girls)

      Met vriendelijke groet,

      Jan Ensing (Alquiny)

      FredHeadSet Mind Warp’s

  2. Hier ben ik heel blij mee , heb vaak destijds naar de radio geluisterd en nu kan ik er weer naar luisteren , bedankt om dit megawerk voort te zetten !!!!

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