Primary inventory has been done.

I have had Fred’s harddisks and NASses for several months now.

I have put all musicfiles from those disks to the largest one and removed all doubles, triples and quadruples. Afterwards I categorised them alfabetically for artists and chronological for releases and concerts.

Now I have to sort out which files he uploaded to his blog and which not yet. Then I will upload something ones in a while. It is 4Tb of musicfiles in total, so the blog wil stay live for quite a bit.

2 gedachtes over “Primary inventory has been done.

    1. Dat is wel het streven, maar of dat gaat lukken? Ik heb nog wat materiaal gekregen, dat ga ik vergelijken met wat Fred al had. Zit er nieuw spul bij dan zet ik het in dit blog.
      Gr. Jan

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