New Adventures – d’Olde Lantschap, Wateren (Diever), The Netherlands July 3. 1979 FM


New Adventures – d’Olde Lantschap, Wateren (Diever), The Netherlands July 3. 1979 FM

The band started off in 1979 and due to this gig (which was broadcasted live on FM by Vara radiostation for their program Vara’s Popkaravaan) they got more and more gigs and in 1980 they released their first album, produced by George Kooymans, guitar player with The Golden Earring.
They grew bigger and bigger and even played the Pinkpop Festival and Rockpalast in Germany.

They released loads of albums and singles and are still performing, these days, in the original line up again.

The Setlist :

01 New Adventures
02 You go I go
03 Phoney
04 Station Blue
05 Back to the pit
06 Hey You Girl
07 She does it right
08 Bachus Beckett
09 Spacelab cowboy
10 Backdoor Lover
11 Jeanny dance
12 Can’t stand it
13 Come on
14 Money
15 New Adventures
16 Hold On

Line up:

Peter Bootsman (guitar,voc)
Harry De Winter (bass,voc)
Henk Torpedo (drums)

I recorded this concert on a crammy little Philips cassette recorder in 1979, glued to the radio as I was in those days.
It is in mono and the cheap (low noise) cassette had suffered a lot.

I have tried to boost the sound a bit and tried to deal with the many tape drop outs.
Still I like it.

A few years ago I gave a copy of this gig, through a friend, who plays as a stand-in bass player for the New Adventures, to Peter Bootsman, the singer.
He had completely forgotten about it and was very pleased to hear it again.
Some of the songs are still on the repertoire.

Well, I hope you like it and take the effort of downloading this stuff.


VARA’s Popkaravaan was a historic DUTCH TV show with simulaneous FM transmission

Transmission dates

19790703 The New Adventures
19790710 Kayak
19790717 Partner
19790724 The Scene
19790731 Sweet d’Buster
19790807 Sam America’s Gasphetti
19790814 Massada
19790821 White Honey

19800705 Dave Edmunds and Rockpile
19800712 The Tapes andStampei
19800719 Gruppo Sportivo and The Cure
19800726 Jango Edwards and The Friends Roadshow
19800802 Steel Pulse
19800809 XTC and Turf
19800816 Herman Brood and Transister (Robert Jan Stips) (The Ramones actually were the main act but Joey Ramone had fallen ill)
19800823 Jango Edwards and The Friends Roadshow

I do have recordings of Sweet d’Buster, Kayak, The Scene, Transister, Gruppo Sportivo, Jango Edwards & The Friends Roadshow, Stampei, Partner, The Tapes, XTC, Turf, The Cure, Steel Pulse, White Honey, so if anyone is interested , let me know !

Lineage : cassette > Audacity > CD Wave Editor > FLAC8

Another one from the box of old tapes !

Enjoy !




6 gedachtes over “New Adventures – d’Olde Lantschap, Wateren (Diever), The Netherlands July 3. 1979 FM

  1. Oeps, je hebt New Adventures – VARA’s Lijn 3, Industrieterrein Houkesloot, Sneek 26th April geplaatst ipv New Adventures d’Olde Lantschap, Wateren (Diever), The Netherlands July 3. 1979 FM.

      1. Oeps 🙂 ik blijk deze beide opnames al te hebben, je hebt ze denk ik ooit al eens op DIME ge-upload, want ik weet vrijwel zeker dat ik ze daar vandaan heb.
        Wel zag ik dat bij mijn oude download de lokatie werd vermeld als “Wateringen”
        New Adventures – Wateringen, The Netherlands July 3. 1979 FM
        Was die info dus niet correct, en moet het dus zijn: d’Olde Lantschap, Wateren (Diever), The Netherlands July 3. 1979 FM”

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