WARREN ZEVON Belgium Open Air Festival, Werchter, 1983-07-02 (AUD)


Warren Zevon Werchter, Belgium Open Air Festival 1983-07-02 AUD

Master – Audience recording from an old TDK-Sa C-90 Tape.

Liner notes by the original taper :

As far as he remembers he recorded it with his old AIWA-walkman and an extra stereo-microphone (he does not remember what kind of equipment he used those days, sorry!).

It was recorded from the middle of the audience about 10 meters from the stage.

He remembers it was a hot Sunday, Peter Gabriel had a hard job to do after the performance of U2, because they really did a great performance (although he doesn’t like them any more). He expected to see John Cale perform solo and Mr. Zevon with a band, but instead John Cale played with a band and Warren Zevon played solo.

And this was great!!!

Cover and Label Artwork is included.


01 Intro/Lawyers, Guns, and Money
02 Play it All Night Long
03 Frank and Jesse James
04 Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
05Jeannie Needs a Shooter
06 Charlie’s Medicine
07 Hasten Down The Wind/
08 Accidentally Like a Martyr
09 Poor Pitiful Me
10 Excitable Boy
11 Werewolves of London

Thanks to the original taper, Minimax !

All files are FLAC files (lossless) which can be played in almost any media player (Windows) , or, converted to ALAC (losless) in iTunes (Mac).

Download link here.

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